Our five step approach

We see you as the most important member of our team. What do you want to achieve? This is the question we keep coming back to during our five step approach. From start to finish we involve you in the process. We make our work as transparent as possible, that's why you have access to stories, backlog and sprint planning at all times.

What are your preferences?

What are the organization's objectives at this point and what will they be in the future? Who is the end user of the software and when is the software successful? We use the stories to be able to adjust the development process at all times. We adjust based on changing preferences or new insights.

What is most valuable?

You decide the order in which we fulfill tasks or stories. The stories are put in a product backlog, ranked by priority. The backlog gives insight in at what stage a story is.

Who does what?

The sprint is planned when there is enough information available for a story. Each member of our team will focus on the task that suits their knowledge and experience. Together as a team we deliver the first version of the software as quick as possible. This gives you the possibility to redirect us during the process.

Everything okay?

We test our work all the time, this makes us unique. We test newly developed functionalities throughout the process, not just before it is released. This gives us the possibility to respond very quickly, we guarantee an end product that is always available and performs optimally.

And now?

When do we start working with the new software? When do we plan the release, during office hours or in the weekend? Our collaboration continues after the implementation, together we answer these questions. We keep track of the software so we can adjust it at any point to your current situation and objectives.