SiriDB website

Check out our SiriDB website and find out more detailed information about SiriDB and how to start using it!


  • Dissemination of data over available hosts or pools
  • New points are indexed immediately which leads to instant query results, no waiting time
  • Guaranteed speed via scaling and a smart index algorithm
  • No downtime = 100% efficiency
  • Ability to process millions of writes per second
  • Own database for easy IT
  • Lower management and maintenance costs (no dependencies)
  • Real-time analyzing aggregated data
  • IPv6-software, ready for the future
  • Practical management and consistent development of query language
  • Scalability in number of time series and data points

What is SiriDB?

SiriDB is developed by Transceptor Technology out of frustration over a previously used time series database. We built our own time series database in order to keep our efficiency as high as possible. SiriDB is 100% own development. Check out the features paragraph to see why SiriDB is progressive!

Unprecedented performance

Are you looking for a database with an unprecedented performance and no downtime? Then SiriDB is what you are looking for. SiriDB provides optimal, stable and secured working while saving time. SiriDB gives you back your grip on endless data and time.

Three keywords for SiriDB are:

SiriDB is both optimized for inserts and queries. With our scalable possibilities we are able to enlarge our database time after time.
SiriDB is scalable on the fly, no downtime for your database! Offline is unthinkable for us!
SiriDB supports active replica’s. Our Oversight product uses a SiriDB database running on six nodes, this is where we secure our no downtime promise. We can enlarge our database live without downtime.

To make SiriDB easy to use we developed an own query language. The query language makes dynamic grouping of series possible as well as it provides several aggregating and merging functions.