• Analysing trends to make smart use of the opportunities that arise
  • Automatically identifying problems before they show themselves
  • High level software for the best performance
  • No software agent or equipment needed
  • Optimal, stable and safe working with IT
  • Lower management and maintenance costs
  • Insight in your data via your personalized dashboard

What is Oversight?

Oversight is software that gives you the opportunity to secure, monitor and analyze your data. Depending on your preferences, we can take over this entire process for you.

If you are interested in knowing what the performance of your systems is, or how you can lower the costs for management and maintenance, Oversight is your solution. Oversight gives you the insights that you need to find out how you can make your organization as efficient as possible. Risks and opportunities can be determined based on the insights that become clear once Oversight is processing data.

Anytime, anywhere

Oversight gives oversight. You see exactly what is happening when and where on a dashboard that we personalize for you. You get the most valuable information for your organization in a blink of an eye. Depending on your preferences we develop a fitting software setting for you. Oversight is focused on what you need to know about your organization. We make sure that your wishes and needs are prominent within Oversight, you decide what you need.

Do you want to know more about Oversight or the possibilities for your organization? Contact us via the contact page on this site, or send us an email at info@transceptor.technology

Screenshot Oversight