Our team

We truly believe that the strength of our team comes from the variety of personalities and focus fields. Every person is different, we value this aspect greatly. The people in our team complement each other, we also believe the best results come from working closely with customers. Therefore we make our customers part of the team. Together we can work towards your goals! Get to know our team a little bit better and don’t be afraid to ask us any questions!

Rik Lempens

As our team leader Rik likes to challenge us with new ideas that he thinks of while cruising through the Dutch landscape on his motorcycle. Bringing these ideas to live drives (no pun intended) Rik on a daily basis.

Jeroen van der Heijden

Jeroen is the brain behind SiriDB, he developed SiriDB on his Christmas break. This software engineer (and Python fanatic) is not afraid of a challenge whether it be in the software world or during a cycling trip.

Koos Joosten

Using his ability to see the world from an unique perspective, Koos is able to process data into a valuable source of information. Not only is he a passionate software data analyst, he also knows everything about cycling data. Koos is the data leader in our peloton!

Sjuul Janssen

Sjuul brings us the ‘zen’ feeling. Although he is a true adventurer in the world of software engineering, always seeing new opportunities and challenges, Sjuul is able to focus and relax when things get a little crazy in the office.

Pea Smeets

Pea makes the creative juices flow in our team, with her international marketing background she keeps a close eye on everything concerning marketing for us. This ‘close eye’ comes in handy when she is spending (all) her free time at the shooting range.

Timo Janssen

Timo has made his passion his work, his biggest hobby is programming and that is what he's doing everyday now. When he's not programming he reads (every topic is interesting according to Timo), enjoys debating and does volunteer work.