The startup story #9: the switch: from intern to employee
The startup story #9: the switch: from intern to employee

The startup story #9: the switch: from intern to employee

Friday, 03 February 2017

At Transceptor Technology we are constantly searching for growth, not only in software but also within our startup itself. Young talent does not come around every day and we are therefore delighted that Timo started with us as an intern in September 2016. Now, six months later, Timo shares his experience through this blog and has some extra positive news to announce!

‘The startup story’ is a series of blog posts about the ins and outs of our startup journey.

My name is Timo Janssen and since recently I work as a software engineer for Transceptor Technology. After my internship had finished, I’ve started working at Transceptor Technology as an employee! In this blog post I’ll explain how I've experienced the move from intern to employee and the considerations that I took into account for this.

In the beginning of September 2016 I started, as a 3rd year student, my internship at Transceptor Technology. With a positive mindset and a good feeling I began, hoping for a good placement assessment and a nice reference for my resume. I had not even considered that there might be an even more positive outcome. Namely, that I would start my professional career right after my internship as an software engineer.


Before I officially started as an intern, I had had several conversations with the company. During these conversations I had already gotten to know my future colleagues. My first impression was that they were nice and enthusiastic. I felt welcome as part of the team. There are differences between working with my colleagues and working with a group of students. In general, all students have the same knowledge level and the motivation level can vary substantially per student, but within a group of colleagues there is a healthy level of motivation. Of course there is a difference in knowledge between my colleagues and myself, but I see this as trigger to do extra well.


Before I joined Transceptor Technology I studied software engineering. For this study program you’ll need an average 40 hours per week. Personally, I found it a shame that I lost so much time on studying and had so little time to put my skills in practice and thus gain more experience. Now that I'm with Transceptor Technology I get more satisfaction out of those 40 hours.

While gaining experience and participating in the professional environment were important reasons to start working at Transceptor Technology, so was getting my degree. Therefore, I decided to finish my studies in a part-time version. This means that I go to school one day a week from 14.00 pm to 22.00 pm to complete the last 1.5 years of my full-time program in order to successfully complete my degree. Of course, this will be tough, but I know that once I have my diploma in my hands, I’ll also have two years of work experience. This is something I regard as a very big plus.

The road

Personally, I think that the road I’m taking now is not suitable for every job. A full time job and a part-time study is heavy, but my luck is that in recent years remote working has made an advance. Since Transceptor Technology focuses on remote working, this means that I do not spend time traveling and I’m fit again for work and school the next day.

Is the road that I’m taking the best way to go, who knows? I do know that this is the way where I can get the most experience out of my education and that’s why I see it as my best option. I am also eager to see where this road will lead me!