The startup story #6: Google Drive for your startup
The startup story #6: Google Drive for your startup

The startup story #6: Google Drive for your startup

Friday, 14 October 2016

Google Drive is like a secret place where you can keep all of your documents. Google’s idea of a central place to keep your documents located without the risk of losing them by a coffee mug accident is ideal. On the go, in the train, on an airplane and at home, Google Drive brings all of your documents closer by than ever.

‘The startup story’ is a series of blog posts about the ins and outs of our startup journey.

Ever forgot to save your file and just closed your laptop and got a small panic attack when finding out all of your hard work is gone, or the coffee mug incident when in a moment of inattentiveness you spill your nice drink over your laptop and your files are ruined. Well you're not alone, I have had many of these ‘horrible’ moments in my school career and with me many others.

Google Drive

2012 proved to be very successful for Google (which year wasn’t), the release of Google Drive was one of the highlights. A true success story if you think about it, within 2 years they had 240 million active users and now, in 2016, it is one of the most popular cloud storage services in the world. In a previous startup story we gave you some insights on remote working and how we do this, Google Drive is one of the tools we use to work remotely.

At Transceptor Technology we work a lot with Google Drive: an online system for creating, sharing and managing files. For us Google Docs is the most important function, it can make and save your files. It is a tool that can be used by anyone. One of the most appreciated features by us of Google Drive is the possibility to access and save your files offline. When all internet connections fail…. we’ll still have our buddy Google Drive. Simply open up your browser with Google Drive and start.

Another feature we use quite often is the ability to work simultaneously on a document with multiple people this is especially useful for our remote brainstorm sessions and updating our status reports.

For everyone

Google Drive is available in different forms, individuals can use it for free. You just create a Gmail account and you’re good to go, you can see the options in the top right corner. When using Google Drive in a professional setting, like we do at Transceptor Technology, you can choose to add extra storage capacity and you can create shared environments in which your colleagues and you can share anything very quickly.

Google Drive helps us improve efficiency. Since we find that the success of remote working relies heavily on the kind of tools you use. With Google Drive we can connect, share, show and develop anything we want directly with our colleagues and even with our customers by sharing the document with their Google account. If you would ask any of us which tools we use on a daily basis Google Drive would definitely make the shortlists. We were all familiar with the features of Google Drive, not only is it valuable for company use, also individuals can store all their data in Google Drive.

The features

Let’s go back to our message, Google Drive is very valuable for startups as part of their communication and sharing experience. Google Docs has been explained already as one of the main tools for us, but Google Drive exists of several different functions. Here’s a small overview:

Google Sheets: this is a spreadsheet where you can use formulas, filtering, more third tabs etc. This is similar to Microsoft Excel.
Google Slides: you can create presentations with text, moving elements and images. Ideal for presenting your product or project to other people.
Google Forms: you can build forms, for surveys. The results are directly saved in a Google Spreadsheet.
Google Drawings: a fairly simple drawing tool in which you can make shapes and can produce simple drawings such as diagrams. Ideal for creating small images to add to your presentation.
Google Marketplace:You can even add additional application via the Google marketplace this enhancing your online workplace.

Google Drive has more hidden treasures that you can use, the internet is your goldmine. I’ve already done some research and am still learning new features every day. Are you interested in investigating everything about Google Drive than you should definitely read this article by Lindsay Kolowich and this article by Brian Voo who gives you some tips and tricks.

Success guaranteed, not only for you but for your (future) startup as well! Go Google Drive.