The startup story #3: blogging your way up
The startup story #3: blogging your way up

The startup story #3: blogging your way up

Friday, 12 August 2016

Blogging within a company? For many people it sounds strange. Isn’t blogging mainly done by famous people with very, very exciting stories to tell? This is no longer true, and when you look around in the business world you’ll see that blogging has become a real phenomenon. Blogging is trendy.

‘The startup story’ is a series of blog posts about the ins and outs of our startup journey.

Two blogs into our ‘The startup story’ series and we thought let’s explain why we chose to begin a blog for Transceptor Technology. Blogging is not only trendy and very popular, it is also one of the best ways to share your company knowledge and information in a fun and interactive way. ‘Blogging’ has become a new marketing tool, especially in the last 5 years, the number of blogpost that can be found on the internet has grown immensely.

A blog, about what?

Initially you wouldn’t think about in-depth information about products, technologies and programs on a blog. At least, until 5 to 10 years ago. Since then it has grown and grown and grown. Today, blogging about your business is almost impossible not to have in your marketing strategy in the software world. It seems like all topics have been covered in a blog already, type in your software term and someone has written a blog about it.

This change is great, the more knowledge there is out there about software the more people will know about it and the more people will learn, right? It is a great way to share knowledge with new generations and help current software developers with their problems.


Blogging is a form of transparent communication. Nowadays, people are more involved in your company. They want to know more and more about your background, software experience and market position before they make the decision to work with you. Transparency is part of the customer acquisition process. Companies that show everything are considered more trustworthy. How many times have you ordered something online and checked the reviews of the online shop first, their background and perhaps asked your friends if they know the company? Almost always, right? Certainty is the base for customer acquisition, this is partly provided by being transparent.

Deciding on topics you want to write about or brainstorming your marketing strategy about how to show the heart of the company do make up some fun brainstorming sessions, as we’ve experienced. Making your company transparent, through blog posts, is not only fun and good for your customers and followers but also for your own team.

Our blogs

We had quite some brainstorm sessions ourselves about how we were going to fill in this part of our marketing strategy. A software startup coming into a incredibly big software market is quite interesting, so why not take you along with us on this trip. This was the inspiration for the series ‘The Startup Story’, we want to be transparent for you and perhaps even help you by telling you our story. As our website shows we have a lot of knowledge within our team, a team that is educated very broadly and has not only knowledge in the software field but beyond this as well. Sharing knowledge is one thing that blogging has made easier. We want to share our knowledge with you. By blogging about software related topics we hope to have piqued your interest and we encourage you to share it further.

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