The startup story #11: SiriDB, up and running
The startup story #11: SiriDB, up and running

The startup story #11: SiriDB, up and running

Friday, 07 April 2017

It has been two months since the release of SiriDB, our open source time series database. The release in the beginning of February was a milestone for us since we’ve been working on SiriDB for quite some time. First only for in company use and since February for everyone! Time for a recap.

‘The startup story’ is a series of blog posts about the ins and outs of our startup journey.

As promised after the last startup story we’re going to write a ‘sum up’ of our experiences after the release of SiriDB. It has been about two months since we released SiriDB and we’re on our way to grow even more. The responses right after the release were great, we haven’t only shared this via our social media channels, but also our network was very important.

Niche market

As addressed in previous blogs as well, we knew that the market for a time series database was quite niche. This presented us the challenge to make it as big as possible. We’ve involved our network very actively in our release process. Within Transceptor Technology we have colleagues with years of experience in the industry. This also results in large networks with people that work in the right industry. Reaching out to these people is easier since you already have some sort of connection with them. This has proved to be very valuable and we’ve also gained some great feedback from our ‘network’ that we applied right away.

The great thing is that the enthusiasm with how our network has reacted also resulted in some great projects that now include SiriDB. The first steps in the big world are made!


As said in the first paragraph we’ve used social media as part of the release. We know that not all social media channels are as popular in the IT industry but combined they reach a broad group of people which has a powerful effect.

Other tools we’ve used are all focused on the target group for a time series database, we’ve tried to put the initial focus on this group since the subject is somewhat familiar. There is a broad variation of websites where you can present your project such as Reddit and Hackernews. These are the two most common, but there is more. There are a lot of small websites and blogs that concern these topics that you can reach out to and whom you can present your project to. Also newsletters, magazines, web pages and bloggers are interesting since they are always looking for news in the industry. But be prepared with the information that you have ready, it is important to be very clear and transparent about what your project / software is and what the goal is exactly. We’ve used quite a broad range of tools ourselves, such as our own network, social media, a press release and industry targeted news. We’ve been very happy with the reception of SiriDB and are still working on making it bigger and optimizing every little detail.

Up next?!

We’re updating the channels with new blogs and new additions to SiriDB. SiriDB is still continuing to grow into an even bigger, faster and broader platform! More technical blogs are coming your way in the next weeks!