The startup story #10: releasing SiriDB
The startup story #10: releasing SiriDB

The startup story #10: releasing SiriDB

Friday, 24 February 2017

SiriDB, our open source time series database, has been released! In January 2017, exactly two years after the first version of SiriDB was born, we’ve released it as open source. This is the second part of our release story!

‘The startup story’ is a series of blog posts about the ins and outs of our startup journey.

Through the startup story blog post we’re trying to give you a better insight into how we work and build our software. But we know that it can be hard to understand the whole picture if you only get bits and pieces, that’s why we go into releasing SiriDB in three special blogs. This is the second and maybe even the most exciting one, we’ve released SiriDB as open source!

Testing the software

Before we released SiriDB we had tested the database in a very extensive way, our software engineers have walked through all the different components in different scenarios multiple times. Software = check. We’re confident that SiriDB works as it should be working at all times, so what comes next? Making it possible for everyone to use. When you open source a software project you have to choose the license under which you’re going to release it, our choice: the MIT license as we believe a license should not limit your business.

The ideal environment

Next came creating the ideal environment for releasing SiriDB, we had everything finished before the holidays in 2016, but unless you’re selling Christmas trees or stockings this is not the ideal time to release. So we rescheduled the release to January 2017 and that’s where we are now, just after our release.

In creating the ideal environment we’ve also tried to explain as clear as possible what SiriDB can do for you or your organization. It’s difficult to send the message to the people you’re trying to reach in the software market, especially if you’re new to the market. The software market is incredibly big and continues growing, so does the niche market (time series databases) that we’re mainly aiming for but this doesn’t take away the fact that the niche market is still very small compared to the entire software market. Within this niche the subject content is earlier read and seen than in the entire software market. In the latter you have got to try and reach the right people, time series databases can be of great value for almost all organizations, but the subject is not (yet) very known. Which means that your target group skips these subjects easier. Therefore transparency and clear information are key.

So explain to us, what is SiriDB?

Let us give you a small introduction to SiriDB (Full introduction):

What is SiriDB?

SiriDB is an open source time series database developed to be scalable on the fly, blazing fast and has a robust clustering mechanism that provides the possibility to update and maintain the database while remaining online. SiriDB is scalable by using a unique pool mechanism that allows pools to be added on the fly when needed. When a pool is added data is automatically divided evenly over all available pools providing optimal usage of all available computing resources. SiriDB is fast because it uses an unique algorithm to store its time series data without using bulky indexes. This algorithm allows the custom query language to distribute queries over all pools making data retrieval incredibly fast.

What can SiriDB do for you?

Examples of questions a time series database enables you to get the answers to are:
- What has been the behaviour of the client in the past years, are there patterns that can be anticipated on?
- What patterns can be detected in the stock market that you can anticipate on with your next actions?
-What is the average lifetime of critical hardware, determined by thermal sensor data (e.g. temperature, daylight etc.)?
-What cycles can be discovered in the weather patterns over the last couple of years and what can we forecast from this?

Where can you start with SiriDB?

You can start for free with SiriDB at or at Github.

Hopefully this blog has contributed to your knowledge about SiriDB, SiriDB has been part of our systems for two years now and has not failed us once. We really think that data is incredibly valuable at this point and this will only become more in the future, this is the time that we’re living in, so why not use it to your advantage.

Coming up next is the recap of our release period. What went well, what can we do better, how can we improve the current status, etc.